About Us

What we do
We organize and execute peer-to-peer humanitarian assistance projects, responding to community needs in Ukraine NGOs. We help directly. We don’t send money to support local programs – we are the local programs. We believe that by making a difference in the life of one person or family, we can build resilient and compassionate communities that will lay the foundation for a free civil society in Ukraine.

How we work
Maple Hope Foundation partners with on-the-ground NGOs in Ukraine to create sustainable partnerships through which we pilot projects that are based on thorough assessments of local communities. Our goal is twofold: to respond immediately to humanitarian crises where there is a pressing need; and to build sustainable programs through partnerships that are gained during our targeted projects. First, our field agents find, fact-check and report on pressing humanitarian causes. Then we consolidate efforts of the Canadian diaspora by running major fundraising campaigns. We direct all profits to one particular cause at a time, and our partners in Ukraine handle the operations locally on a specific project.

Financial Accountability

Maple Hope Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit organization, operating in compliance with Canadian corporate law. All our financial documentation is available to the public. 100% of our operating expenses are dedicated to the programs listed. We do not pay remuneration to our managerial team or to our volunteers. All of your donations go to the cause you choose to support.