Lviv HandMade Chocolate, 3

Lviv Handmade Chocolate



Lviv Chocolate Factory is the only of its kind in Ukraine. All our chocolates are hand made with great care by our skilled artists who make sure they are not only producing chocolate but emotions and feelings for our customers.

Since Medieval Times Lviv has been well known for its “delicious confectionery” and starting from 19th century Europe began exporting chocolate from Lviv. Along with the chocolate the city spread its emotions and feelings. Today factory uses the same traditional production technology of old times and that is exactly why Lviv Chocolate Factory has managed to revive the magical recipes giving life to special chocolates which again can travel around the world spreading the atmosphere of beautiful Ukrainian city Lvil.

Buy the finest, handmade chocolate from Lviv Chocolate Factory to sponsor long term medical care of heavy wounded soldiers.

1 Cherry in dark chocolate. $5.00
2 Almond in milk chocolate. $10.00
3 Chocolate with pepper. $5.00
4 Wild Cherry in dark chocolate. $5.00
5 Set of sweets with prunes. $12.00
6 Caramel candy Rury $5.00
7 Cashew in milk chocolate. $10.00
8 Almond in dark chocolate. $10.00
9 Hazelnut in dark chocolate. $11.00
10 Chocolate with sea salt. $5.00
11 Set of chocolates (tiles of black, white and milk chocolate). $15.00
12 Lviv coffee in tube. $8.00
13 Coffee ground, weight – 250g. $10.00
14 Lviv ground coffee, a collection of flavors – 280g. $11.00
15 Coffee ground, weight – 150g. $5.00
16 Hot chocolate on a stick with milk caramel. $9.00
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