New sponsors for 18 wounded soldiers and their families

Over the last month 16 private and 1 corporate sponsors from British Columbia, Canada have committed their financial support to 18 heavily wounded Ukrainian soldiers and their families for the long period of their recovery and rehabilitation. Here we thank you new sponsors for their actions and dedication.

Soldier Sponsor Region
1 Andrii’s Sokolenko family Yaroslav and Alyona Pokhylko Burnaby, BC, Canada
2 Oleksandr Kosolapov Olexander and Tetyana Dubichev Port Moody, BC, Canada
3 Vasyl Shevchenko Svitlana Kominko and Michael Ilin BC, Canada and Kiev, Ukraine
4 Oleksander Datsenko Inna and Mike Zinkevich Vancouver, BC, Canada
6 Nazar Barylko Julia Yushchenko Coquitlam, BC, Canada
7 Sergiy Gordijchuk Dmitriy Minenko Vancouver, BC, Canada
8 Andriy Usach Marina Kuznetsova Vancouver, BC, Canada
9 Vasyliy Stuzhenko Inna and Mike Zinkevich Vancouver, BC, Canada
10 Andriy Kazachenko Marina and Alexander Serbinenko Vancouver, BC, Canada
11 Ivan Kushnarev Natasha Gukova Vancouver, BC, Canada
12 Viktor Sokolivskij Natalia Yatskevich Vancouver, BC, Canada
13 Volodymyr Vyshnevskyy Tania and Evgenii Kostiuk Richmond, BC, Canada
14 Vyacheslav Buynovskyy Svetlana Efremova Vancouver, BC, Canada
15 Dmytro Pavlyk Family Maksymenko and Kotliar Vancouver, BC, Canada
16 Eduard’s Panchenko widow Katya Olia Dmytruk London, United Kingdom
17 Taras Moklyak Canadian Corporation, Burnaby, BC Burnaby, BC, Canada
18 Leonid Khmelkov Canadian Corporation, Port Moody, BC Port Moody, BC, Canada
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