Wounded Heroes of “Maple Hope”


Vasyl Stuzhenko  Kryvyy Rih

33 year old Vasil Stuzhenko was enlisted during the second wave of mobilization and was gravely injured. In addition to the penetrating shrapnel injury to his head, he required amputation of his right leg and right arm. His financial situation is very difficult given his parents are ordinary pensioners.

Inna and Mike Zinkevich from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Vasyl.

Andrіу Usach Berezne, Rivne region

Andriy enlisted and was wounded in the Lugansk airport. His smashed jaw resulted in him losing all his teeth, he was left with muscle damage in his left arm and the extent of the wounds required  amputation of his left leg to the knee. For four months Andrew undergoes treatment in various military hospitals Ukraine. His wife Svitlana, a primary school teacher, was forced to go on leave at her own expense to care for Andrew. The couple has two daughters, Anastasia and Valery.
Marina and Yevgeniy Kuznetsov from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Andriy and his family.

Slava Buynovskyy   Krolevets Sumy region

Slava is a former auto mechanic and father of a 16 year old daughter who volunteered and fought in the battalion Aydar. He was wounded on September 1st, ultimately losing his right arm and leg as a result of his injuries. His  mother Kateryna is a retired widow. Slava’s father passed away a few years ago. It’s impossible to support Slava on the mother’s small pension. Video about Slava.

Svitlana Yefremova from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Andriy and his family.

Sergiy Gordiychuk  Kolodyanka, Zhytomyr region

Sergiy was drafted into the war zone in the first wave of mobilization. He was wounded in the Battle of Saur-Mohyla and had his left arm amputated. Sergei is the father of thirteen year old daughter Valentina and six year old son Alexander. Before the war he worked as a builder; it’s unknown how he will support his family in the future.

Dmitriy Minenko from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Sergiy and his family.

Nazar Barylko  Lviv

Nazar was mobilized into the ranks of the army on August 23rd without any previous military experience. On October 9th, he was severely injured in the village of Heyevka, and had his right leg amputated despite the best efforts of the doctors on the 14th of October. Nazar wants to study IT programming and foreign languages. He believes that acquiring such knowledge and hands-on practice is the way forward for supporting his household and contributing to society.

Yuliya and Konstantyn Yushchenko from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Nazar.

Ivan Kushnyerov Zaporozhye

25-year-old volunteer John Kushnyerov is being treated in the Kiev military hospital. Both of his hands have been amputated and he has lost an eye. Doctors are working to save his second eye and trying to save his leg from amputation.

Natasha Gukova from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Ivan.

Oleksander Tereshchenko Mykolayiv

Kiborg Olexander Tereshchenko lost both his hands and injured his left eye while fighting at the Donetsk airport, but saved four lifes. Before getting injured, Alexander planned to open a charitable foundation to help wounded soldiers and their families. Doctors are trying to save the second damaged eye in the Dnipropetrovkiy hospital. Alexander and his wife Larisa are raising two children. Video about Oleksandr.

Vasyl Shevchenko Mykolaiv region

Immediately after mobilization, Vasil lost his left foot and half of his right one when an old grenade exploded during preparation in one of the training grounds of Lviv. He previously worked as a trucker to support his family. His wife Oksana took leave and later quit her job entirely to care for Vasil since he is immobile. The couple has two children and a two-year granddaughter. Complications during his return home to Mykolaiv forced him to return to Lviv’s military hospital again.

Svitlana Kominko and Michael Ilyin from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Vasyl and his family.

SashaKosolapovOlexander Kosolapov  City – Happiness , Luhansk region

Olexander is an engineer and a veteran who served in Afghanistan. He is a father of three and grandfather of four grandchildren. Alexander and his son Vladimir were volunteers in Aydar. Alexander was seriously injured and has been bedridden in Lviv’s military hospital for four months. Doctors continue to care for his wounded leg, however it is unknown if he will walk again.

Oleksandr Dubichev from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Oleksandr and his family.

Andriy Kazachenko   Berdychiv, Zhytomyr region

Andriy was enlisted during the first wave of mobilization and was wounded at Amvrosiyevkoyu on the 14th of August. He had his left leg amputated. His wife, Kateryna, looks after Andriy. Kateryna is currently unemployed. The couple has two daughters, 10 year old Victoria and 4 year old Karina. A prosthetic for Andriy will cost 60 thousand Euros. Video about Andriy Kazachenko.

Marina Lytvynenko from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Andriy and his family.

Volodymyr Vyshnevskyy   Chervonograd, Lviv

25 year old Volodymyr lost his leg as a result of the war. He has a three year old daughter Diana and his wife Olha is unemployed.

Tania and Evgenii Kostiuk from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Volodymyr and his family.

Dmytro Pavlyk   Losynets, Lviv region

Dmytro was a 19 year old volunteer in the 80th airdesantnick brigade.  He was wounded at Krymske village in the Lugansk region.  He suffered serious trauma to his liver by shrapnel.  His arm was broken.  Together with his wife Maryana, they have a 2 year old daughter. Now Dmytro is recovering after serious injuries to his head, stomach, and arm.

Maksymenko and Kotliar family from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Dmytro and his family.

Viktor Sokolovskyy Kyiv

35-year-old driver from Kiev Viktor Sokolovsky needs help. A soldier of the 128th Brigade in early autumn, together with another twelve fellow soldiers, was ambushed at the Cossack village of Lugansk, where a sniper’s bullet pierced the body armor of Victor. Shrapnel from grenades pierced his body. He lay wounded surrounded by the enemy. A fellow soldier crawled to Victor and administered an anti-shock drug. Victor has broken ribs, a broken hip, missing right thumb, bruised heart, and both feet broken. The sniper’s bullet went into Victor’s back, tearing through one lung, passing a centimeter from the heart and exiting through his left side. Because of the injuries to his shoulders, an aneurysm was formed which is life threatening.

Natasha Jatskevich from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Viktor and his family.


More information about Viktor.

Andriy Sokolenko Kyiv

Andriy was seriously injured in the village of Amvrosievka.  His injuries were so severe, he had to go through 29 surgeries.  He was a volunteer of the 34th Kirovograd battalion.  Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the doctors, Andrei succumbed to his injuries on January 8th and leaves behind a son.  His sister Lyudmyla was at Andrei’s side until the end.  His monthly financial assistance is transferred to Andriy’s family.

Slava and Alyona Pokhylko from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Andriy’s family.

Mykola  Onufriyko   Kamyanetsk-Podilsk, Khmelnytsk region

Mykola is a 40 year old volunteer who was fighting at the Donetsk Airport. He suffered severe abdominal  injuries and injuries to his lower back and will require numerous reconstructive surgeries as he has suffered severe muscle and tissue damage. He and his wife have three children and three grandchildren.

Olexander  Michkovsky  Romaniv, Zhytomyr region

Oleksandr is a 25 year old who was mobilized and was injured in the town of Schastye on the 3rd of November.  He received head trauma and was in ICU in the Lviv Hospital. Oleksandr is not able to speak to this day.  He has had several surgeries and will need rehabilitation. His mother and sister Anastasiya spending time by his side in Lviv military hospital.


Eduard Panchenko, Dniprodzerzhynsk,  Dniropetrovsk  region

Eduard was mobilized with the 25th Brigade and is 22 years old.  He was injured in the Donbas Region Region on January 17th.  He lost one leg and is struggling to keep the other one. He is married and his wife Katya is 7 months pregnant.  Eduard will need a prosthetic and rehabilitation.

Eduard died on February 8th in Kyiv Military Hospital.

Olia Dmytryk from London, UK became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Edik’s wife Katya.

Ruslan Robert  Dnipropetrovsk

Ruslan is 36 years old and was mobilized at the beginning of the war.  He was injured in the Donetsk Region and lost one leg.  His other leg suffered heavy wounds and may have to be amputated.  He fears that he may not be able to provide for his 13 year old son. He will need help in further surgeries to help save his other leg and for rehabilitation.

Valeriy Kuznichenko  Velykyy Burluk, Kharkiv region

Valeriy, who is the father of four, will turn 40 on April 18th.  His wife Natasha is by his side.  He was injured at Staryy Aidar.  He suffered serious injuries on January 1st,causing him to lose his right arm and has a fractured right leg and hip.  He will need more surgeries  for reconstruction.  He also was hit by shrapnel which pierced part of his lung.  He will need help to support his wife and raise his four children.

Taras Moklyak  Ivano-Frankivsk     

Taras was mobilized with the 128th Brigade.  He is 23 years old. Taras was injured in Artemіvsk.  He was shot and the bullet pierced his bladder and intestine.  He has had several surgeries.  His hip was also shattered and he will be having more reconstructive surgeries.  He is in very serious condition.
Ukrainian company from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Taras.

Ruslan Karpets  Kremenyts, Ternopil region

Ruslan is 24 years old.  He was injured on the 24th of September at Debaltsevo.  He has had more than ten surgeries up to date.  He lost his left arm at the very shoulder.  It will be very difficult to find him a prosthetic for such a unique injury.  His left leg and hip are fractured and doctors are trying to do all they can to say his leg.  He will need more surgeries. His family is looking at the possibility of getting further medical help abroad for his serious situation.

Leonid Khmelkov  Mala Karatul,  Kiev Region

Leonid is a 24 year old Kiborg fighter.  He was wounded at the Donetsk Airport.  He suffered serious injuries.  His hip was shattered and the surrounding muscle tissue was severely damaged.  He will need more surgeries for reconstruction.  Leonid was orphaned when he was 11 years old and only has a grandmother left to take care of him.

Ukrainian company from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Leonid.


Aleksandr Datsenko   Sumy

Alexander Datsenko – Sergeant of the 27th Artillery Regiment in the city of Sumy. 7 years ago, he decided to build a military career, and therefore went to serve under contract. All his free time he devoted to his two passions – football and his girlfriend, whom he married last fall. Sasha began military exercises in the spring of 2014 and went to the front in August, where under Ilovaisk, was seriously injured. Shrapnel damaged his liver, pelvis, hips and hands. He was saved by a bulletproof vest, which fortunately, was given to him on that same day. For more than six months, Alexander was in the Lviv hospital in serious but stable condition. He underwent many operations and on December 31, returned home in Sumy, where he continues his rehabilitation.

Inna and Mike from Vancouver became a “Maple Hope” sponsor for Sasha and his family.


Denys Hoyko, Kyiv

On February 10 at Kramatorsk (Donetsk region), Denis was seriously injured. A 22 year old journalist, Denis Gojko was the one who prepared the military reports from the zone ATO in May last year. Senior Lieutenant Denis Gojko injured his back and arms. Now Dennis is in a military hospital in Kiev. After several surgeries his condition has stabilized, but will require long-term treatment and rehabilitation.


Dmytro Yakovlyev, Sumy region

Dmytro got severe injuries of his hand, leg, and head. He was raised by a single mother with a help of grandmother. After multiple surgeries in Lviv military hospital, Dmytro is now on rehabilitation in Kyiv.


Oleksandr Kozachok, Lviv region

After a serious injury, a serviceman of the Lviv 80th airborne brigade, Alexander Kozachok, is in serious condition in the capital’s military hospital. On the night of 27th of December at a checkpoint near Happiness in the Luhansk region, where the duty soldier with a grenade launcher fired at the militants. Shards of a grenade hit him in the head. Alexander was born in the city of Lviv in the region of Stebnyk. He is 23 years old and the only child of his parents. After the announcement of the first mobilization, he signed up for five years and went to fight. This young man has endured five operations. The Ukrainian diaspora abroad has proposed to send Alexander for rehabilitation to Switzerland or Germany. But this trip is expensive, money which his family does not have.


Ihor Nazarkevych, Lviv region

Four months in intensive care and minimal chances survival … Igor Nazarewicz was brought to the hospital with severe spinal cord injuries. He was completely paralyzed and unable to breathe on his own. Life for the 20 year old soldier hung in the balance. Now, after a long course of treatment, there can be talk about a small victory. Igor is learning to breathe on his own! Ahead of him is not only one operation. Further plans by the doctors are aimed at cervical stabilization. And then we can talk about restoring mobility of his legs. Ihor’s parents are asking for help in raising funds for treatment and rehabilitation of their son.


Oleksiy Sokolovskyy, Mykolayiv region

Oleksiy Sokolowski is a volunteer from Pervomaysk, who went to defend his homeland with by his cousin Alexander. On January 17 his body was struck by 23 shrapnel fragments from a mine explosion in the region of the Donetsk airport. He survived 5 intense operations. Yet many more operations will be needed. Not long ago, the 36-year-old hero from Mykolayiv region had his own peaceful business in furniture-making. He was stationed in the battalion “Donbass” for about two months, and then his unit went on to join the 93rd Battalion. He was at the front on January 14th and saw combat on the 17th of January, his first battle. Here is the result. Oleksiy is the father of two sons, Maxym 14 and 6 year old Bohdan.


Vasyl Petrynko, Kirivograd

22-year old Vasyl Petrynko was severely wounded in his head on July 15th.  He was in a coma for over two weeks and when became conscious, had lost his memory.  Eight of his comrades were killed in the same battle that he was injured.  He remains in the Kiev Hospital after several more surgeries undergoing speech and memory rehabilitation. He will never recover his mental faculties to his previous state as a result of his serious head trauma.




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